Key Highlights

Safer Cities

The fast movement of people and things across cities and borders increases the risk of crime and terrorism, faced by the cities.

NEC has developed a range of integrated security solutions, including Multi-Biometric Identification, Video Surveillance and Behaviour Pattern Analysis, to help law enforcement and traffic control agencies to create safer and secure societies.

NEC’s fingerprint and facial recognition solutions are recognized as the world’s fastest and most accurate biometric identification technologies.

Smart Transportation

Innovative and intelligent transport systems with the help of advanced technologies provide fast, reliable, and convenient public transportation.

NEC is leveraging the power of ICT to achieve a more eco-friendly public transportation infrastructure.

These modern technologies around Fare Collection, Vehicle Operations, Driver Management, Accident Prevention and Schedule Optimization are contributing towards making the rides safer and more efficient for both passengers and drivers.

Digital Governance

Government agencies are looking for innovative ways to operate with limited sources.

NEC leverages strategic partnerships to develop industry-leading solutions that align with governmental organizations’ current and future operational goals.

Efficient city planning and an integrated performance view to key stakeholders is the prime focus of NEC solutions.

Digital Enterprises

Disruptive new generation technologies have dramatically changed the way businesses run. Enterprises are realigning their strategies to retain their market position and gain advantages through cutting-edge technologies.

NEC creates vitality for enterprises, industries, cities, and people and achieves a sustainable society through Digital Transformation.

NEC benefits from a track record of proven technologies such as New-age Display Solutions, Thinking solutions built around AI, Enterprise Collaboration solutions and IoT Platforms around Manufacturing, Logistics and Banking.

Smart Connectivity

NEC having rich experience and deep knowledge in both Telecom network and IT field knows how to optimize networks. Together with Netcracker, NEC has developed a suite of OSS, BSS, Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) solutions to increase the agility of Telecom Carriers.

NEC’s Carrier Solutions supports total telecommunication networks from fixed to cellular, access to core network and services application.

Solutions of the Future

Looking ahead to 2050, increasing global population and urbanization will require efficient and sustainable social infrastructure.

NEC is taking up the challenge of creating advanced Solutions for Society, through the power of Artificial Intelligence and ICT platforms. Through a strong network of R&D laboratories globally, NEC is committed to developing the “Solutions of the Future” to solve the problems of next-generation.

NEC Laboratories India (NLI) was established in India in 2018 to develop ‘Solutions of the Future’ for India and from India to World.

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